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Snake and Gold Pet Bandana.

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Make your pet Sparkle!  Reversible sequins and fabric lets you choose your pets mood and amount of flare.  Flip sequins allow for multiple variations of color and expression.  I make double snaps so you can utilize 3 lengths to use them on multiple animals, for different hair lengths, for growing pups and for a gift if you just are not sure of the size. For best results take off your pets collar and measure it :). Then we can chat about a perfect custom fit. Custom orders available.

Size Breakdown:

XS- Teacup dogs, cats, rabbits.  Up to 10 lbs average, short hair small neck.  Fits 6”- 8”-10” necks.  If you have an animal smaller that 8” please contact me.

S - Toy size animals large furry cats 8-15 lbs. Fits 10”-12” neck

M- Mini size animals, pugs, corgies, around 15 lbs. Fits  14”- 16” neck

L- Full size labs, retrievers, poodles ect. Fits 18”- 23” neck (Big size jump from medium)

XL - For a thick neck, a lot of fur or just a BIG ole' guys.  Fits 23” - 26” neck


For best results take off your pets collar and measure it :)

Find your favorite sequin, the perfect lining and I will ship it right away.

Double snaps for larger sizes to insure perfect fit, for use for multiple dogs, or a growing pup.