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Black Diamond Summer Lightweight Mask
Black Diamond Summer Lightweight Mask
Gold Deco Lining
Jean Flowers Lining
White Dots LIning
Summer 2020 Collection with Adjustable Black Lycra Head/Ear Straps

Black Diamond Summer Lightweight Mask

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Filter pockets and metal nose bridge available.  Please search for listing : ADD a metal nose bridge or filet pocket,  and add it to your cart.

SIZES:                                                                                                                                             Adults 8” x 6"                                                                                                                      Child: 6" x 5"   


1. Lycra: Simple lycra straps.  They can be tied in bows/ knots behind the ears or tied behind the head and neck.  This is my default for sequin masks.

2. Elastic Loops:  For cloth masks I default to single elastic loops.  White or black elastic loops for the ears, with adjustable rubber stoppers.  For Sequin Masks, I braid the elastic to provide more structure for the added weight of the sequins.  There are adjustable rubber stoppers on all elastic loop masks. 

**Masks can be machine washed, then pat dry sequins and tumble no/low heat or air dry.  

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